Selling On Ebay Tip #1

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By David Baker

Selling on E-Bay is fun. Most people who own computers or who know someone who owns a computer know about selling or buying goods on Ebay. Ebay was one of the first online auction sites, but the concept caught on and soon there were dozens of sites for selling goods online. The software makes it easy to list items, to bid on items and to pay for successful bids.

No matter what the business model is, customers understand they can purchase the item on eBay. Because of its widespread name recognition and vast choice of products, information, and services.

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

… makes a good choice when determining a way to get in business for yourself. You don’t even have to own the item to be able to list and sell on Ebay. There are many people who choose to use the concept of drop-shipping. The seller finds an item which he believes will be a good choice for selling on Ebay. He can arrange to do the listing and sales management for another person or company who will be responsible for the packaging and shipping from another location. A prospective seller with no goods available can also work on a commission basis for a friend or neighbor who has the items for sale, but doesn’t have the time or the understanding of computers to actually begin selling on Ebay.

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EBay is dumping PayPal for a Dutch rival

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In 2002, eBay paid $1.5 billion to buy PayPal, an online payments company whose founders include Silicon Valley heavyweights Elon Musk and Peter Thiel.

It proved to be a very successful investment. When eBay spun off PayPal in 2015 — something investors and analysts had urged it to do — the payments company’s market value was close to $50 billion. It’s now above continue reading


The Power In A Name – Selecting Your User Id – Part 2

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[continued from The Power In A Name – Selecting Your User Id – Part 1]


… FUN name for a FUN business.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER IN A NAME! Entire books are written on the subject

of name selection for businesses and products. Awhile back I heard about a book that went from collecting dust on the shelf to best seller status simply by changing the name of the book! The same principles that apply to this situation can mean increased sales for your online auction business. Try your best to select a name that you will use long term. The idea is to essentially “brand” yourself and select a name that you will hold onto and build recognition for. Most all businesses strive for name recognition.

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

Your USER ID, as far as your eBay buyers are concerned, IS your business name. If you’re not happy with your name, you do have the option of changing it, but you will be erasing any recognition that you’ve already created for that name. And name recognition equals profit. If you already have a business name, enter that as your USER ID if possible. Then , of course, you can notify your customers that you now offer some (or all) of your products for auction on eBay.

Ebay gives you the option of using your email address as your user name. I do not recommend this for two reasons. For one, you’ll find that you might soon be receiving excess junk mail from spammers that will collect this email address off of eBay and add you to their bulk email lists.

Second, people that are looking for your auctions by doing a special USER ID search may have trouble remembering the type of email service you use. PARROTHEAD88 is pretty easy to remember, but if PARROTHEAD88 had used his email address of parrothead88@microd.com, his customers might’ve had a tough time finding his auctions through the “Find Items By Seller” special search feature.

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The Power In A Name – Selecting Your User Id – Part 1

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Ebay is the first online auction site you should register with. To list Dutch auctions (an auction format for selling a quantity of identical items) on eBay.

Sellers need to have a feedback rating of at least 50, and you need to have been a member for at least 60 days. Although not the only way, Dutch auctions serve as a powerful venue for making some of the biggest profits through online auction selling. If you bought this course off of eBay, you’re already registered! But if you bought this though a web site, or off-line, you should become a registered seller right now!

Google Sniper

When registering, one of the tasks you’ll need to complete is selecting what eBay calls a “User ID”. This may seem like a minor thing, and some may not give it a second thought, but your User ID is what your customers will come to know you by. Buyers can do searches based on your User ID alone…

If you have a prospect, or a customer that has purchased from you before, they can find you and your current auctions just by doing a search on your User ID. Pick a name that will represent what types of products you plan on selling,

OR, of you’re not sure yet, pick a more generic name (one that could apply to selling just about any product) that is preferably short – and most of all – memorable. Take your time in choosing your name, and have fun with it. There is no need for some fancy or “technical sounding” name. After all, a seller by the name of “PARROTHEAD88” has the highest feedback rating on eBay, and is one of its most successful sellers! So don’t be afraid to choose a … [continue at The Power In A Name – Selecting Your User Id – Part 2]

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Selling On Ebay For Beginners-Part 2

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[continued from Selling On Ebay For Beginners-Part 1]

After you are satisfied with the listing, click the submit button and your auction will be queued for listing, but you aren’t done yet!

There are other things you should know. When you first begin selling on eBay, you will be “unknown”. You may be wondering “how do I get Known?”

eBay has devised a simple way for other users to rate their experience with you. This is known as “feedback”. Your feedback accumulates both as a buyer and a seller. This gives you a total score based on feedback as given by others to you.

Google Sniper

There are three types of feedback. The transaction that was good will result in a positive feedback. From time to time, a buyer may not necessarily be happy with the product received, but may not have a problem with you. This will result in a neutral feedback rating for that transaction. Still other times may occur when a buyer (or a seller) just did not like anything at all about the transaction. He leaves a negative feedback for the transaction which will take away a point from your total feedback. Your overall feedback is still visible to a potential buyer, but that out front will reflect only the current number. Each potential buyer is also able to view the feedback so they can try to find out why a negative was given.

Obviously, the higher your feedback rating, the better the price you will realize on your items, so it’s in your best interest to make sure you do your very best to keep all feedback positive.

We hope this article on how to sell on eBay was helpful to you, and gets you started on the proper path to setting up shop and selling your merchandise on eBay.

Register for eBay Today!

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Selling On Ebay For Beginners-Part 1

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By Austin Broker

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to sell on eBay. If you read through the article carefully, you will be able to place your first item for sale on
eBay relatively quickly.

We will assume that you are not registered on  eBay as yet. Taking this into consideration, you will first go to eBay’s signup page.

After you have signed up, login to eBay and click on “sell”. This can be found at the top of the page, or in the navigation menu if you are in “my eBay”.

You’ll be asked to enter a keyword related to the item you are selling. This is EBay’s way of helping you to find the appropriate category. If you would rather go through and choose your own category, simply click on the select category tab.

Google Sniper

After selecting the category, you will be asked to enter the title and description. You should be very detailed in your title and your description. This will help those searching to find your product. You should always include a photograph. It boosts sales dramatically.

Continue to follow on-screen instructions. The screen will direct you to do things such as entering the starting price, etc.

You will be asked to enter whether or not you would like to feature the item on a given category, or even on the home page, if you would like to include a gallery photo, etc.

After you have completed the form,  eBay will give you an opportunity to look the listing over, to check that everything is correct … to be continued

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Drop Shipping Buy Wholesale Pool Products-Part 2

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When you are buying your own desktop or laptop there are things that you consider before making the purchase.

One that is still a rising problem today if you have purchased not just wholesale video games electronics or in other words someday you are going to get a crook asking you for name address city zip code with the addition of your social security and date of birth – all at the same time in combination!

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

Even if you have someone asking for your date of birth on the order form and you can’t find much information about the company or person who is selling to you why risk entering the information?

Today there are many sites asking you for the date of birth for incentive purposes when your birthday arrives or to provide you bonuses and discounts in the future just like top favorite “Borders”. ”

You’ll get better results by searching for “distributors” or “manufacturers” of the products you wish to sell. Here’s a list of reasons why we think as a music lover you’ll be hard pressed to find a better phone for your multimedia needs: Read more…

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Drop Shipping Buy Wholesale Pool Product – Part 1

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By Julie Martha
Keep in mind when you’re comparing your supplier prices or performing your market research that you distinguish between market prices obtained through auction sites such as and those gathered from non-auction e-commerce shopping cart sites. In conclusion delivering your orders to your consumers is of the utmost importance if you want to have consistent business. Finding Wholesale Take Home Food Boxes is easy. “What is Autism?” Brochure 50 Pack This colorful brochure covers all the basics: signs diagnosis information about causes and treatments. The next booth sells old records CDs and tapes. Retailers including sellers flea market vendors and dollar store owners all have one need in common, and also see more on Triangle 11/0 Beads Wholesale. The growth in wholesale food industry is tremendous and the outlook is promising. Use a spreadsheet to help organize your clothing wholesale list and be sure to include contact information on the list.

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

This is one good deal if you have an arts and craft store making wedding favors and that sort. . There are many different online wholesalers that give consumers such as yourself the opportunity to purchase synthetic gemstones or simulated gems. With search engines you are looking to see skip and filter the needed ones – it is a time consuming task. Often through their questions customers will tell you what they are looking for. You send hundreds of email may rescue some spam or scammer. Many drop ship companies offer these gift “baskets” or “kits” around the holidays anyway. See more about Triangle 11/0 Beads Wholesale Read more…

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How to Redeem PayPal Coupons

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Generally, a digital discount coupon is a long code that you enter on the payment screen when you win an item. On PayPal there is a box labeled “Coupons, Gift Certificates and Anything Points”. This is where you enter the coupon code number. If validated, the discount will be automatically deducted from the balance due. If your coupon doesn’t cover the total cost of the item, the remainder of the funds will be deducted from your PayPal account or the bank account associated with it.

Top SecretAutobinarysignals: The #1 Binary Options Trading Solution

The person selling the item has no indication that you have used a coupon (the savings come from eBay, not from the seller) and the sale goes proceeds as usual.

Given the fact that you can buy unique and highly desirable items on at very attractive prices to begin with, the possibility of adding to your savings by using an or PayPal coupon is not one to be missed. By making regular checks to see if there are any discounts currently available via Read more…

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