Where to Find and PayPal Coupons

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Coupons that can be used by others are often mentioned on eBay’s chat forum, and in forums associated with other websites that announce bargains and deals. You can also find these types of coupons by doing a web search for “eBay coupon code” (or “Paypal coupon code”), but many such links are expired and some may be fraudulent, so be careful.

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Coupon or Gift Certificate Offers

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eBay and PayPal seldom send coupon or gift certificate offers to all members, only to those who meet certain criteria. For example, sometimes will use electronic discount coupons to entice a member back to the site. This means that if you were a fairly active buyer on and suddenly stopped buying, they may email you an offer of a discount on your next purchase. This kind of coupon is usually accompanied by your email address, which means it is only valid for you to use and will have an expiry date.

Sometimes offers electronic discount coupons to a certain group of members. If they are experiencing low sales in a particular area, they may send the coupon codes to users who have previously purchased those items.

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eBay also offers more general coupons. Even though they may originally be emailed to targeted members, the offers can be used by other buyers who met the stated criteria. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if it doesn’t reference an email address, the coupon can be shared.

Paypal also offers occasional discount coupons by email for different promotional reasons. Sometimes they are for every user and, other times, they are for certain users, groups or areas. A recent promotion at Christmas time featured free shipping and discounts of $5 to $20 from selected online merchants. PayPal promotions are also run via electronic discount coupons and have expiry dates and conditions of use.

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How To Compare Prices Between Ebay And Amazon

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By Roger Ancog
I just recently purchased a small apartment through in-house financing. Now I am trying to find a way to dress up this apartment. I am not really that high-maintenance type of a guy, but since this is my first ever own apartment, I got to do something better to put some style in it. That is why, for quite some time now, I have been looking over the Internet for pieces of furniture and appliances that I would need in setting up my bachelor pad. But in looking for these items, I need to take into consideration the price since I will still have to pay for my apartment. I then made sure to visit the websites of and Amazon and compare the prices of the furniture and appliances that I would like to set up in my crib.

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

One would think that it would require a minimum effort to make a price comparison of Amazon and products. How I wish that it was that easy. Most of the time, when you search for an item both in Amazon and  and compare the price, each of these sites would probably return a thousand items at least. As an example, when I keyed in one of the items that I wanted-a sofa bed-in the search option to make a comparison, and Amazon returned 961 and 1,963 results, respectively (both of which are under the category of Home and Garden). If you want to get the best deal for the product that you are looking for, you have to make sure to check every single item in the search results from Amazon and eBay. Comparison of the prices is the trickiest part. There are times that the quality of a product is not reflected by its price.

After checking all the items both from and Amazon, compare now the prices and then narrow down the number of these items by also taking into consideration other important criteria that you require from the item you want to purchase. These criteria might include the brand of the product, the feedback of previous buyers to the sellers, the quality of the product, and others. Read more…

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How Can I Sell On Ebay If I Don’t Have Any Feedback?

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By Kim Skinner
Your credibility as a seller on all boils down to one thing; your feedback rating. In fact, this is true of buyers too. Our feedback rating is the only visible way our prospective buyers can gauge our professionalism and reliability. Not only that, but you can’t even list a “Buy It Now” item until you have a feedback rating of 10.

Basically, your feedback is one of the most important factors of your business. And, it’s one of the hardest things for a new
seller to overcome.

However, there are ways to build your feedback quickly so that prospective buyers feel comfortable bidding on your items.

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Buy things from yourself.

Now hold on. I hear you, “Buy things? I’m on to make money, not spend it!” But, hear me out.

You may not realize it, but there are literally millions of things for sale on eBay. And not just collectibles and electronics. Did you know that you can buy shampoo on eBay? Certain foods? Cleaning products?

And that you’ll usually pay less for them than you would at Read more…

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Ebay Selling Tools – Know The Best Selling Products On Ebay

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By Robert Spekman
To find the best selling products on eBay, getting the help of good selling tools is the best thing to do. It can also increase the profits of your business by spending less time for doing necessary tasks.

There are many tools specializing in finding the hot items on eBay. Finding the best research management tool for auction is a challenging task. The wide variety of product finders available will make it impossible for the aspiring businessmen to find the best one.

Some other tools are either complicated or too expensive. Because of the prices, most of the people will have the tendency to think that they are more effective than the normal ones. This is in fact one of the worst concepts in the case of getting the market data. Most of the marketplace research tools for eBay will enable you to search the hot products by category, keywords, auction counter hit and many other criteria.

Wholesale Sources / eBay DirectoryWholesale Sources/eBay Directory

Typing a certain keyword in the search box will offer you all the information about the product on eBay. It will furnish the details of the items sold as well as all the complete listings of the product. It will help you know the selling trends of the products and the market price of them too.

The selling tools make researching on fun as they have made it simple and uncomplicated. The depth in which you must go into the research and the tool must be determined by the demand of the item you are looking for. You can go from the product that has one bid to the ones having hundreds of bids. Normally the number of bids will not go that far. However, it can help you greatly searching the various products with demand on eBay.

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Readability Rules For Your Auction Ads

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Here are some rules to improve anything you write…

  • Use a short opening paragraph
  • Remember that short sentences make firm friends…
  • Make your paragraphs less than 3 or 4 lines
  • Underline or boldface important words or phrases
  • Include attention-boosters: questions, news items, promise…
  • Ask for the bid at the end of the description
  • Use positive language

Do this, and your writing will be crisp and easy to read…


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Evening Auctions?

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Do you always start and end your auctions at the best times? To be on the safe side, always have auctions start and stop when traffic is the heaviest- In prime-time and on the weekends.

If you have auctions ending during prime-time, you might want to avoid ending them on Tuesday or Friday night… two days that have been traditionally off.

I’ve seen people end an auction at 3 in the morning… not good.

So, make a habit of beginning and ending auctions during prime-time.
A couple of other things to factor into this:

Remember your target audience- homemakers bid during the day. It’s the same with someone who is retired. Get the picture?

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When you hear about all the different best times to list, this is why- different people browse at different times. If your ideal customer were an 18 year old interested in comics, maybe you could end your auction at 2 in the morning and get better results.

Test your results. Find out what works best for what you sell.

Also – if you want your item to show up during prime-time, remember there is 2-3 hour posting delay, so post 2-3 hours early. For instance, if you want your auction to end at 10PM EST, then start your auction at 7PM.

You’ll also want to watch out for events that affect traffic habits as whole; like the “Super Bowl Sunday”. Don’t be like me and try to end a mass of auctions on that day. Not unless you don’t want any bids at the end of your auction.

Keep in mind that there are “up” months and “down” months. August is typically slow for most- the colder months on the other hand… out of sight. You definitely want to be selling during those times.

There is no better time to be selling than from about October to April.


How to Keep Track of Your Listing Schedule

Posted by Gabriele on June 30, 2015 in General Selling Tips |

Do you always start and end your auctions at the best times?

Always have auctions start and stop when traffic is the heaviest.

If you make a listing schedule and stick to it then your results will be better.

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Stay In Contact With The Buyer

Posted by Gabriele on June 25, 2015 in General Selling Tips |

When auction ends, quickly email the buyers with the final price, shipping, total cost, and your address.

If you have time to reassure your customer, email them when you receive their payment.

This is important for their peace of mind and they’ll thank you later in feedback and repeat business.

You’ll also score well with the buyer if you send them an email when you ship their goods.

Especially if it’s valuable.

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Make one virtue for yourself on eBay or any other website that you use to sell your product, and that’s honesty.

If you’re a little late getting the package in the mail… tell your customer.

You’ll always be forgiven and spared the negative feedback if you fess up.

They’ll thank you for being straight with them- everyone loves peace of mind… what’s more irritating than not knowing?

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